Being Crushed By Studies, But Almost Done With

As many of you know, most of us here at Spyric are not full time developers. We are students of various universities first, game developers second.

But, that is almost done with. We’ve been near mute, deaf & blind with everything as Eetu and Roni are wrapping up their studies. Soon, both of them will be done with their studies and they can focus on their aspirations at their full capacities instead of worrying about school at the same time.

In the story so far, Get That Cake has been published through some underground-ninja-mystery-3rd-party-android-genie channels by Thumbstar Games. We are looking to bring it to you on the Appstore and Google Play soon-ish(TM) alongside a new-ish minigame we’ve worked on a bit as a side-side-side project.

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