Two New Upcoming Games!

So, three bachelors degrees and long, relaxing vacations later… we are back!

We also brought some souvenirs, or kinda of. We have two new upcoming games: Split-Ball and Get That Cake. Split-Ball is a reflex/speed game and Get That Cake is the lovely puzzle a game that has been gravely delayed due to contract issues, but more on that at another date.

Split-Ball – to be released in the coming weeks!

spyric entertainment - split-ball ios android game


Get That Cake – finally to be released a few weeks after Split-Ball!

spyric entertainment - get that cake ios android game


Stay tuned for more news regarding Split-Ball, Get That Cake, and our new projects!

We’ve been meaning to call, but…

…we’ve just been so busy with the start of Summer, personal hassles and with further improving our next game.


I mean, we’ve further improved the level builder in the game.



And we even added support for larger maps!


And of course, we also wanted to have more maps for you guys to play.project_screenshot_3


Although we keep on polishing the game, soon there won’t be anything left to polish. It could even be released on iOS and Android sometime soon-ish-maybe-ok?™


Level Builder has Interwebz!

After days of hard work of adventuring through the Interwebz, we have done it. Now our upcoming game’s level builder can upload and download user created levels.

Just insert the number of a level or choose a random level…




… and enjoy the downloaded level!



We are looking forward to seeing all the levels that you will create using the level builder. The game will be out soon-ish to Interwebz near you!

What’s up?

We have been quite busy working on improvements to our current games as well as developing a brand new game.


Here’s a teaser of what we’ve been doing with Summer Mini Golf…


summer mini golf v2


…And, here’s a teaser of our upcoming game’s level editor (work in progress).

image from level editor
We are currently looking into securing a publisher for both of these games and we hope to have them out on iOS and Android as soon as possible.

We hope you are looking forward to their release as much as we are!

Bringing Spyric to iOS


indiegogo slider spyric entertainment


We are raising funds to bring all of our games, present and future, to iPhone and iPad. Please check out our crowdfunding project at IndieGoGo –

We hope to have you be a part of our story and game development. Please share and tell your friends about our crowdfunding project!