We are a group of Finnish students in our early twenties, who are passionate about games.

Our core team consists of

  • Eetu Rantanen – Lead Designer & General Manager
  • Valtteri Kalevo – Lead Programmer
  • Roni Bäck – Programmer

We have all been playing games through our entire lives. Our adventures first began as we laid our hands on NES, Amiga 500 and Windows 2.1. Then, a hundred years later, back in the stone age, Eetu and Valtteri were classmates in secondary school on an IT emphasised class. It was then that the two first became acquainted with programming and game development.

Roughly two centuries later, in the year 2011 or so, somewhere in the wastelands of Pori, Finland, after having wandered clueless in the Finnish education system, Eetu had an epiphany. Games are great fun, and he has been interested in them for as long has be can remember. So why not start developing them?

In 2013, Eetu got Valtteri engaged in the idea of developing games. The two spent months getting acquainted with game development practices as well as the corporate side of things. In 2014, they were joined by Roni and his zealous RoniTheGame Youtube follower army, which brings us to the current state of Spyric.


If you’d like to get in touch with us, or be a part of our future, please give us a shout on our social media channels, or contact us via our contact form on this site, or simply send us a mail.