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Transitioning to Spyric 2.0

First, we at Spyric want to thank you all for playing our games for as long as you’ve done. We never imagined that some of you would still be playing Slammer Inc, Summer Mini Golf or Color Combo from their initial releases all the way to 2017. As you’ve enjoyed playing our games, we’ve enjoyed working on new projects, some of which have been scrapped, others which we’ve worked on for other game developers and studios.

When we first released Slammer Inc, Summer Mini Golf and Color Combo, we were all just getting familiar with game development in general. We have come so far that we no longer even understand how we took so long to create those games as we did and how they turned out. As a result, we have decided that as we are moving forward, there will be a few major changes in how we operate.

Introducing, Spyric 2.0:

From now on, we will be focusing on just developing and managing our own games, thus providing you with more high quality games than before! On that note, we feel that Slammer Inc, Summer Mini Golf and Color Combo no longer reflect our skills or experience as developers, and as a result, we will be removing them from Google Play and App Store in the coming few weeks. As we remove the games, we will also be releasing two games that we have been holding on to for a long time: Split-Ball and Get That Cake! Finally, we will also be making slight adjustments to our website’s and social media channels’ visual styles.



We’d love to hear what you think! You can reply here, email us (as has been the most popular way so far) or get in touch with us via any of our social media channels! We look forward to hearing from you guys and to transitioning to Spyric 2.0!


International Day of Distrust

Happy International Day of Distrust, or happy April Fools’ Day, whichever you prefer.

We thought to post this on April 1 just so that you, the reader, can question whether we posted this or not. Maybe this was all just an elaborate prank. Well, we are not sure. I don’t think we are good at this Fools’ Day business.

We’ll be posting about something that might actually interest you next week, so see you guys then!