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What’s up?

We have been quite busy working on improvements to our current games as well as developing a brand new game.


Here’s a teaser of what we’ve been doing with Summer Mini Golf…


summer mini golf v2


…And, here’s a teaser of our upcoming game’s level editor (work in progress).

image from level editor
We are currently looking into securing a publisher for both of these games and we hope to have them out on iOS and Android as soon as possible.

We hope you are looking forward to their release as much as we are!

Change is coming!

web update


We’ve made some changes to our website. Our blog now functions as the front page and we added comments by Disqus.

Our goal is to keep posting more actively on all of our channels. We’ve had a long silent period(s) in the past, and we are done with that.

We want to hear your comments and feedback, so if we ever post something interesting, drop us a comment or share it to your friends!

Thanks for reading and check back again on Saturday (21 March) for news regarding some of our current projects!